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Free advice by David in Okinawa, Mar 26
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Tax preparation in Camp Pendleton

I can amend your tax returns and get you your CHILD TAX CREDIT.

Can do USA & Japan Taxes.

If your company is paying for your tax preparation, I have the forms.

" I will give you a free estimate to see if it is worth it to you to have me do your taxes."

If no tax refund(s) are available, I will inform you that there is no reason to hire me. If tax refund(s) are available I will quote you the amount of the refund and the
cost to amend your previous year's tax form.

The key is, I am very good at reducing your taxes, if I can not save you or get you more than my fee, I will let you know. It does no good to charge you for tax services unless I am increasing your bottom line. Right?

Some people will tell you, you don't have to file US returns because you don't work on base, you're retired or you don't work for an American company. "THAT"S NONSENSE!!" If you don't file you lost your overseas tax exemption!

My mission is to help my clients preserve their hard-earned money. The more tax- efficient you are, the wealthier you will become. I prepare US and Japanese taxes. Weather you have received threatening letters from the IRS or Japanese tax office, you own property in a foreign country and want to file correctly, got a big capital gains tax bill, you feel you are paying to much in taxes, you want to take advantage of tax credits/exemptions for US or Japanese taxes(or both) or you want to get your taxes straighten out before you move or vacation in the states. I can help, Dave

Contact me at 090-6635-8895 or

"Do not wait till the last minute, for quick response please call me directly"

Testimonial below:

EZ CarZ Group
Yomitan, Okinawa

With all the stories of the IRS in the news, I wanted to get my taxes straight. I have been living over sees for many years and have had problems understanding the different forms and what I qualify for, and where to get these forms. When I went to the local US Consulate they only had the basic forms and said I would need to download what I needed. How would I know what forms I needed?

In the past the IRS had refused to accept many of my claims and failed to respond to me when they owed me money. So, I fell behind in filling but didn't know where to turn for help understanding what to do and how to do it.

So when my friend told me that David in Okinawa could help me get caught up to date I was excited. I didn't expect a return, I just wanted to get right with the IRS. He did more than that, he told me I should be getting $12,000 back and put all the documents together for me.

I have one less worry now. I am happy to write this testimony. I will recommend David to all my friends. I am now setting up a savings account for my future. I know who will be handling my business.

Thank you again!

Daniel Oesterman

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